Self Care Time

Who here doesn’t take time (or enough time) for self care?? Yup, we should ALL be raising our hands haha! Funny how we just always seem to find or feel that other things need our attention more huh? Yeah, sure there are lots of things that are big priorities in life, but taking care of ourselves is the only way that we can continue to be able to do those things at the top of that priority list!

If we are not getting enough sleep, restful sleep, or eating healthy foods, or drinking enough water…our bodies will not be able to carry on! We will be perpetually exhausted and worn out and feeling like we just cannot possibly do ONE more thing! Self-care isn’t always going out for a “me” day, getting a massage or manicure…although those are excellent ways to relax! Just making sure we are getting to bed at a decent time and unplugging from our phones to get good rest. Making sure to get enough water into our bodies during the day, and adding those healthier eating habits can go a LONG way!

Will it fix chronic health issues like my Crohn’s or other medical issues, no not necessarily. Will it help our bodies to keep going in spite of those health challenges, absolutely it can!

I think we often feel like we don’t have time for self care, for going out and doing things like massages and pedicures and the like, but I know we ALL can make time for adding the extra glass of water, changing out that one food for the healthier alternative or even shutting our phones off early so we can get a solid set of sleep hours!

I recently reached out to a friend on the IG about some stoma-safe exercises…I have been terrified to get another hernia, so I just haven’t exercised my abs at all!! Lately, though, I have been feeling really badly about ignoring that area of my body! I have been down on my body for not getting back to shape like I was before, and I finally realized that I cannot blame my body for something I should have taken the time to change myself! This friend was able to find some goods, safe exercises for me to begin putting into practice and I know it will help me get back to where I want, and need, to be!!

Don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help or advice when you’re unsure what to do! There will always be someone out there who is able and willing to offer their advice and help!

So I am smiling again, getting my body where I want it to be and I will keep on sharing those smiles with everyone else too!!

What do YOU do for self care??

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